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Our company, which has been serving in the bakelite sector since 1992, has signed numerous products. By closely following the renewed technology, it aims to combine our experience with the most up-to-date facilities and to produce high quality, durable and prestigious products. The products it produces are used all over the world and are the most concrete evidence that the company vision is progressing on a global scale and continues to develop in this line. We can reach us for your needs and sincerely express that we are ready to produce solutions together.
Gorgel Metal Ltd. Sti. Comes from a very strong family company. This company that presents the service to the todays and the futures kitchens was started in coppering nearly a century ago. With the legacy that was left from 2 golden generations, years of savings, the experiences and with the wide range of products that it has produced over the years , it has become the company that is wanted in the kitchen metal utensil sector that it is today.
Continues its production in a 4000 square meters closed area since 2011 effectiveliy due to our experience in stainless steel kitchen product market. We made continuous investments to become one of the leading manufacturer in our region and then in our country with high quality production, cutting edge technology, modern machinery and qualified staffs. We produce single or set of pots and pans, teapots and coffee pot sets with increasing their quality and our product portfolio gradually.
CEM was founded in 1959 in a small workshop and has moved up to rightful place in the sector as a pioneer with its experience, strong sales network; setting the side-stick coating culture in kitchens. In 2005, Cem has joined with Italy’s Bialetti Industrie, leading European manufacturer of kitchen products and rebranded as Cem Bialetti. In 2007, Cem became integrated 100% to Bialetti and continued on its path with strong footsteps in both technology and design. The Bialetti Group, quoted to Milano Stock Exchange has a background of nearly a full century, reknown especially for its coffee machine product line. As of today, Cem Bialetti produces Cem and Bialetti branded kitchen products with latest technology for both export and local market in its factory of 25,000 sqm covered production area, located in Kocaeli; Turkey. Both CEM and Bialetti products are offered in markets ranging from the U.S. to Hong Kong, from Europe to Middle Est, from Russia to Africa. Basing its strength to over 50 years of experience, CEM keeps placing its signature to new products and technology; helping cook delicious meals in Turkey and all over the globe.
After earning experience in the market since 1987, Pimak ( Professional Kitchen Equipments Ltd. Sti.) founded in 1991. In a short period of time Pimak took place amongst leading companies in Turkey. As a growing company PIMAK has added new products to its range and has a broad service network. We choosed to accelerate our import capacity and today our products are in use worldwide. Our aim is to contribute the development of Industrial Kitchen sector. To be more efficient Pimak has divided its production process into 3 divisions. 1. Rotisserie Chicken Machine Manufacturing 2. Dough Machine, Counter and Kitchen Cupboards Manufacturing 3. All Types of Kitchen Equipments and Grocery Store Cupboards Manufacturing Our priority is to ensure costumer satisfaction.
Strict quality controls complete the production cycle, from raw materials to the finished product, ensuring a 100% quality standard compliance for all end products .